The Blacksod Lighthouse and Village Experience

The best way to truly experience life in Blacksod is on our immersive village tour. Enjoy the fresh Erris air as our trained guides take you on a walk through time telling tales of local history and folklore. Watch the fisherman unload their catch, meet the locals working and socialising on the pier and listen out for the unique dialect of Irish language in daily use in this Gaeltacht region.

The Tuke Assisted Immigration Memorial Garden

Trans-Atlantic immigration was pivotal to the survival of many from this rural community since famine times of the early 19th century. In 1882, the philanthropist, Admiral James Hack Tuke, established in Blacksod Bay an assisted emigration program known thereafter as the Tuke Fund. This program assisted approximately 3300 people to make the long journey west on steamships for new lives in faraway America and Canada. In recent years the local community of the mullet have erected a memorial garden to commemorate these events which had a profound effect on succeeding generations. The garden is a serene reminder of our shared history and gratitude, and a stunning local beauty spot to sit and enjoy views of the sea.

Folklore and Fable, Myths and Legends

From the ferocious female Chieftain Grace O’Malley, the wrecks of the Spanish Armada, the legend of the Children on Lir and the fascinating history of the remote Inishkea Islands, Blacksod has incredible stories to tell. Our rich maritime history, from the humble handmade currach capable of transatlantic passage to the curious little winkle pond on the sandy shore, our trained guides are an excellent resource of All Things Erris. Ask about ecology, flora and fauna, archaeology, the role the Irish language plays or the day-to-day operations of a late 19th century lighthouse keeper… you may be surprised to hear Blacksod’s tales unfold!

Tour Details

Be Aware: Blacksod is a fully operational lighthouse which also functions as a forward refuelling station for search and rescue teams and occasionally visits may be interrupted and the building commandeered. On such rare occasions, refunds will be issued.

Groups / Schools: to accommodate groups or to enquire about our tours for educational settings, please contact or call 097 85727

Immerse yourself in history on a guided tour of Blacksod Lighthouse!

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