Lighthouses of Erris

Erris is home to four lighthouses, an indication of how treacherous the Atlantic coast can be. Each lighthouse holds distinct and fascinating stories and has many maritime tales to tell.
The Four Lighthouse of Erris

The Four Lighthouses of Erris

From brave adventurers rowing solo across the Atlantic to ariel gunfire attacks from the Luftwaffe, devastating storms which destroyed lanterns, panes, and dwellings to how a weather report changed the course of WW2, our engaging and enthralling tours bring this history to life through storytelling, photographic and media archives and carefully preserved artefacts.

Recounting our history through archives, articles & artifacts

A day trip to visit Blacksod, Broadhaven and the viewing points of the offshore lighthouses of Blackrock and Eagle Island is a scenic and beautiful drive. It takes you from the rocky headlands of the north to the sandy shores of the south Mullet Peninsula. From herds of cattle grazing on the grassy machair hills, the rich abundant flora of the area and the silver sandy beaches which stretch on forever, Erris has everything you need to relax, unwind and reconnect with nature.

Alternately, from Alt. Bunahowen in Glencastle village, all four lighthouse lights are often visible on a clear night. Reliably shining their unique blinking sequence, known as a ‘show’, and guiding sea vessels to a safe harbour, our lighthouses will protect our remotest coastal communities for generations to come.


Immerse yourself in history on a guided tour of Blacksod Lighthouse!

Blacksod Lighthouse

Blacksod Lighthouse stands steadfast on Blacksod Pier, and since 1866 it has served the Erris community in numerous ways. A post office once operated from behind the green shutters..
Blacksod Lighthouse

Blackrock Lighthouse

Lying 12 miles off the west coast of Blacksod Bay, the 15 metre high round stone tower was constructed in 1862 and is County Mayo’s most westerly lighthouse. It is also the tallest offshore light in Ireland.

Eagle Island Lighthouse

On the northern end of Mullet Peninsula, around a mile offshore, lies the conical Eagle Island. Originally home to two lighthouses, on the east and west side of the island..
Eagle Island Light House

Broadhaven Lighthouse

This scenic 50ft tower lies in a peaceful bay at Gubbacashel Point, guiding vessels seaward to safety on the western side of Broadhaven Bay. Nearby Ballyglass Pier is home to the RNLI, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution
Broadhaven Light House

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