Blacksod: Little Village, Big Impact

At Blacksod Lighthouse we provide family friendly guided tours of the lighthouse, Blacksod pier and the surrounding village. Walk the busy bustling pier, enjoy a cup of tea by the sea and learn about the surprisingly big impact our little village has made on the world stage!

The Blacksod Lighthouse Experience

A Guided Tour for Every Occasion

Did you know Blacksod Pier was designed by the famed engineer Alexander Nimmo 200 years ago?

Or that the square castellated lighthouse was forged from the coveted pink granite, quarried in adjacent Altmore, a material which was exported for construction in the UK Houses of Parliament?

Have you heard how a routine weather report from this little village during World War 2 changed the course of history?

What about the ‘All Red Route’, a hugely ambitious plan proposed to connect London to Canada via Blacksod with the enormous principal European terminus being positioned on the very site of our lighthouse?

Make the most of your visit and take a guided tour

Explore the stout square building, climb to the tower and admire the panoramic balcony view as our friendly guides regale you with fascinating tales of history and heritage.

Our Specialist Tours

If you have more time and would like to learn more about different aspects of the lighthouse itself, or the history and life in the surrounding area then why not consider one of our specialist tours.

These do not run all the time so please send us an enquiry for your dates and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

Blacksod Architecture Tour

Blacksod Architecture Tour

Designed and constructed by the biggest names in 18th Century engineering, Blacksod Lighthouse and Pier are remarkable reminders of the advancements in science and technology of the time.


Blacksod Village & Lighthouse Tour

Add a Village tour to your daytrip and learn about life in Blacksod, how the Irish language still thrives here, the unique flora and fauna of the peninsula and other interesting aspects of local tradition.


Mullet Peninsula Wartime Tour

From the infamous weather report intercepted by Eisenhower to Hitlers Operation Green, the Mullet Peninsula played a significant and surprising role in WW2!

Booking for a Group or Private Tour?

Maritime stories as fascinating as they are surprising!

With a range of guided experiences to suit every group, we’re sure you’ll find the tour that’s perfect for you. But don’t just take our word for it, book now and let our guides walk you back in time and immerse you in the fascinating maritime history of the Erris region.

For large group or educational tours suitable for students of all ages, please get in touch to find out more. Your class will love our tailored student tours and the Blacksod Village Experience.

For private tours designed to accommodate all abilities, contact us to book the best experience possible. The lighthouse has a steep metal staircase which may be prohibitive to some. However, with the aid of artefacts, photographs and archives, the tour may be replicated at the ground level.

Schools & Education Tours

Schools & Education Tours

General Group Tours

General Group Tours

Private Blacksod Lighthouse Tour

Private Tour

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