Take a guided tour of Blacksod Lighthouse

The ruby granite and green shutters of Blacksod Lighthouse against the backdrop of Achill’s splendid mount Slievemore makes a wonderful photograph, but have you ever asked yourself what’s behind the big green doors?

Our trained guides will take you on through the hallowed rooms of the iconic landmark, weaving tales of lighthouse life in a time long before automation. Climb the tower to the lightroom to marvel at the original Fresnel lens. Exit the little metal door onto the balcony and pause to view the panoramic seascape, the vista will take your breath away! Learn how world events were shaped from inside these thick granite walls, about terrible tragedy on the water and how a small seaside community coped and thrived through challenges and celebrations.

Tour Details

Be Aware: Blacksod is a fully operational lighthouse which also functions as a forward refuelling station for search and rescue teams and occasionally visits may be interrupted and the building commandeered. On such rare occasions, refunds will be issued.

Groups / Schools: to accommodate groups or to enquire about our tours for educational settings, please contact info@visitblacksodlighthouse.ie or call 097 85727

Immerse yourself in history on a guided tour of Blacksod Lighthouse!

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