Broadhaven Lighthouse

This scenic 50ft tower lies in a peaceful bay at Gubbacashel Point, guiding vessels seaward to safety on the western side of Broadhaven Bay.

A Classic Lighthouse in a Scenic Spot

Nearby Ballyglass Pier is home to the RNLI, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution station, and the area has an interesting past as home to Lloyds of London, infamous hull insurers, who kept an office here to report on the fate of transatlantic shipping vessels!

Peace, Quiet and Solitude

In comparison with the three other lighthouses of Erris, Broadhaven Lighthouse has a less eventful history and has seen less destruction at the hands of wild waves and fierce storms. Its safe position onshore means locals and visitors alike can enjoy the classic shaped building up close and the view of the lighthouse with its bright white colour on the horizon which is visible up to 12 miles away.

Known locally as Ballyglass Lighthouse, the light was first established in 1855. Owing to its relative safety, Broadhaven became known as a retirement station, for keepers going into their final years. Who wouldn’t want to round out a tumultuous career in lighthouse keeping in such quiet, scenic solitude?

Broadhaven Light House

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