Private Tours of Blacksod Lighthouse

Visiting Erris for the first time? Reconnecting with your Irish roots or simply exploring the historical buildings of County Mayo? Why not book a private tour of Blacksod Lighthouse and Blacksod Village.

Our trained guides will be on hand to answer your questions and take you back to a time before automation, when lighthouse keepers were stationed in remote and rocky islands, often for months at a time.

Be treated to treacherous tales of pirates on the high seas, learn about the everyday life of a lighthouse keeper on the isolated offshore islands and hear the stories of Blacksod’s impact on world history. Our reviews speak for themselves!

Tailor Your Tour

Let us know what aspects of Blacksod Lighthouse, pier and village interests you most. Our guides have a depth of knowledge they love to share including navigation, world history, ecology, archaeology, flora and fauna, architecture, and ancestry, in addition to an interest in All Things County Mayo! A private tour of Blacksod Lighthouse is a fascinating glimpse into local history and not to be missed!

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Tour Details

Be Aware: Blacksod is a fully operational lighthouse which also functions as a forward refuelling station for search and rescue teams and occasionally visits may be interrupted and the building commandeered. On such rare occasions, refunds will be issued.

Groups / Schools: to accommodate groups or to enquire about our tours for educational settings, please contact or call 097 85727

Immerse yourself in history on a guided tour of Blacksod Lighthouse!

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