Amazing Architecture Tours of Blacksod Lighthouse & Village!

Special in the world of architecture

We don’t shout about this enough, but Blacksod is pretty special in the world of architecture and engineering. With world famous engineers designing and overseeing the construction of our pier and lighthouse, we were at the cutting edge of innovation in the late 1800s. With plans afoot to connect London to the USA and the Caribbean via Blacksod Pier, our little village was at the centre of the world back then.

The Historic Building Brought to Life

To bring these facts to light, we delved into the history books to examine the past, present, and future of Blacksod Lighthouse from an architectural angle. Join us on a fascinating architecture-based tour. Learn the rich history of the protected building, the connections between the lighthouse and its landscape, and the many world-renown characters involved in its construction. Hear tales of huge projects undertaken by Nimmo, Bald & Co. and learn about the proposed ‘All Red Route’ land connection linking Blacksod to London. See the state-of-the-art Fresnel Lens up close, installed in June 1866 and still in operation today!

If you enjoy history, architecture, construction or engineering, this tour is for you. We are happy to provide group tours for class trips which may be accompanied by a local architect. Get in touch to learn more!

Tour Details

Be Aware: Blacksod is a fully operational lighthouse which also functions as a forward refuelling station for search and rescue teams and occasionally visits may be interrupted and the building commandeered. On such rare occasions, refunds will be issued.

Groups / Schools: to accommodate groups or to enquire about our tours for educational settings, please contact or call 097 85727

Immerse yourself in history on a guided tour of Blacksod Lighthouse!

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